Importance of a quality mattress in your daily life

Mattresses have become one of the essential household items in our lives. Choosing a good mattress is necessary to improve sleep quality and prevent lumbar disease. A good mattress is of course inseparable from the mattress material. Different mattress materials have different effects on the human body. A good mattress should be placed horizontally on the side of the human body to balance the weight of the whole body and fit the curve of the human body.

Brown mattresses

The brown mattress is recognized as a green, natural and environmentally friendly mattress. The raw materials used are all plant fibers, which have no side effects on the human body and have a hard texture. For the elderly, osteoporosis can be prevented; for children, a brown mattress can effectively correct the spine.

Sponge mattresses

The sponge mattress is juxtaposed with a spring mattress as a modern mattress. Compared with other mattress materials, the sponge mattress has the characteristics of lightness, comfort, etc. It can fit the curve of the human body very well and reduce the number of turning over. The sponge has its own softness, poor support, poor air permeability, and easy to regenerate.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are also known as slow rebound memory foam mattresses. This material is sensitive to human body temperature and has a good fit to the human body curve. It has zero resilience and no pressure on human muscles. The disadvantage is that as the temperature drops. The memory foam mattress will become harder, affecting the comfort of the mattress. The memory foam mattress has a strong heat storage capacity and is not recommended for summer use.


You can buy the picks available using bestmattress-brand for research by lying down on the back of the waist, so that the body can relax. If the waist can’t stick to the mattress and form a certain gap, it means that there is no support at the waist, which causes the waist muscles to be sore, and the less sleep, the more tired you’ll be. If the waist can be closely fitted to the mattress, it can provide better support for the support of the ridge, effectively eliminating spinal discomfort or back pain.